About Us

Walking by faith and not by sight is truly the amazing story of StrawberryRadio.net, husband and wife Keith and Felicia Gardner.
Keith is a native of Charles City Virginia, and known to many for his graced gifts as Keith “Wonderboy” Gardner. Naturally born blind, but born with a supernatural God-Blessed vision. From an early age Keith refused to allow anything to be a hindrance to The Vision despite vision. Even with three predictions made on his life by his pediatrician, stating that Keith’s life would not surpass the age of five. At age five, he predicted ten. Lastly, at age ten, he predicted nineteen. Keith marched on.
At the age of five, Keith discovered his love for music, and his ability to play the piano. While attending school, he found his way into the music room after-hours, several nights a week to experiment with different instruments. By age eleven, his ability to play the piano/keyboard/organ, violin, drums, and the bass had become fluent. With this new found passion he wanted to join the school band. There was opposition by the staff stating Keith was too young according to the school’s standardized age requirement for band members. Keith did not let this deter him. He showed up every day to watch the band practice until he made an impression on the band director, which resulted in the school making an exception.
By age fourteen, discovering his gift of ‘perfect pitch’ and self-taught ability, he started tuning pianos for a local piano store in Hampton Virginia. Shortly; thereafter, the word got out, and a piano outlet located in Williamsburg Virginia hired him, in which he currently still does tuning for now of 38 years.
At the age of fifteen, Keith became the evening radio host for WTJZ 1270 in Hampton Virginia in which he became known for his daily introduction “Its 6 o’clock straight up!” He has also worked for “Rejoice Radio” WREJ 1540 in Richmond Virginia where he was contracted to do several voice-overs. Well as his famous jingle, still running on Hampton’s WKGM 940 for the local family owned chain “Chic-A-Sea” restaurant.
“Wonderboy” has now played for thirty-six churches, numerous quartets, and helped a number of today’s well-known gospel artists produce their career demos. All the while having an anointed voice of his own, is the various request for him to sing a song that tells his testimony, “My Soul Has Been Anchored In The Lord”. Now once again, he has taken to the air waves!!!
Felicia is a native of Richmond Virginia in which after graduating from high school, she pursued a career in nursing. Life’s turn-of-event, she started having challenges with her eyesight. As a result, nursing became a distant goal of achievements.
By age twenty-six, Felicia’s eyesight challenge became total blindness. She too refused to allow vision to deter her from The Vision. Felicia pursued working within clinical workshops for the blind and continued to sharpen her skills. She has mastered many skill sets and continues to progress within clinical workshops for the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Felicia “Mrs. Strawberry” has a passion for music, music radio, and a compassionate spirit to share it with the souls of their listeners. Her melodic moto is “Some listen to remember, and some listen to forget”. Felicia’s song of testimony is “Amazing Grace”. Although the song states “once I was blind, but now I see” which appears to be ironic as to what unfolded with Felicia. In actuality, it is exactly what manifested. “But now I see” because she “pitched her tent in the land hope” and relinquish her fears into the darkness of her physical sight, and walked in The Vision of her “Amazing Graced” gift to give a song “to those who have ears, let them hear”.

Felicia and Keith Gardner